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BoatTEST Buyers' Guide to Outboard Engines – More Than 200!

Most boaters we know don’t do much due diligence before they buy an outboard engine. Increasingly, boat brands come with the outboard brand already chosen by the factory. That’s because, in the late 1980s and 1990s, engine companies were in a feeding frenzy to buy boat companies to increase market share.  This “sales” strategy was easier than actually convincing consumers their engines were better. It was called “buying transoms.” In addition, some engine makers struck exclusivity deals with builders who didn’t want to be purchased.  Today, only about 30% of the outboard boat brands sold allow the consumer to have a choice. People buying those boats would do well to study’s Outboard Buyers’ Guide. While virtually all outboards on the market are good, they are not all the same.

 Repower has become increasingly important.  This is a growing segment because new boats are becoming so expensive. Here, the consumer does have a choice. By carefully reading the specifications on’s Outboard Buyers’ Guide, a consumer can judge which engine is best for his/her application. Now, BoatTEST has made it easy and quick to check out all of the outboards available. 

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